Let’s face it, most of us aren’t born feeling inadequate. Our life experiences and emotions sometimes create this feeling inside us in various creative ways. For instance, when we were children and felt afraid or anxious, we thought there was something wrong with us, and not our environment.

This sense of quilt can follow people to their adulthood and it often transforms into a feeling that “they are not enough’’. Although this feeling is often tied with experiences in our childhood, there is also another culprit. Yes, that’s right, it is our way of life. Throughout our adulthood, most of us tried to care about ourselves but were inconsistent about it, because our jobs, family, and friends came first.

Today, we’re going to show you why it is crucial to sometimes turn yourself “off” to reclaim your precious sovereignty.

Rest and Digest

As we said, it is crucial to turn yourself “off”. But what does that mean? Well, this means that you need to find time for some relaxation, and this also involves meditating, recuperating, and recovering.

We tend to think that we are following our path with heart and spirit. However, when we observe our lifestyle we are giving our precious lives for our ancestors, who denied their authentic paths. Most of us were taught that money is only a means for paying bills and buying food, without ever considering any self-care. Furthermore, whenever we got the chance to relax it was always something we didn’t do alone, but with our children, parents, cousins, friends, etc. 

So, our advice is to find time just for you and start shifting your energy towards yourself. Stop judging yourself and don’t ignore what you need.


Pilates is both an aerobic and non-aerobic type of exercise. It requires lots of concentration and focus, as it involves moving your body through precise motions. It requires finding a central point in your body through movement, and every exercise has a prescribed placement, rhythm, and breathing pattern.

Interestingly, during these exercises, your muscles are never brought to exhaustion. There is no sweating or straining, but only intense concentration. The method is taught to suit each person and exercises are reviewed regularly to make sure they are appropriate for that person. As every person receives individual attention, the pilates method can suit everybody from athletes to people with low fitness levels. But don’t let us tell you everything.  Check out our Reformer classes at Align, and start recuperating your mind and soul with the help of experienced professionals.


Yoga dates back thousands of years, and it was initially designed as a path for spiritual enlightenment. Today, the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga have gained popularity as a gentle type of exercise and stress management.

According to research, Yoga practice has many health benefits. It can improve your fitness, normalize blood pressure, and is a renowned antidote for stress. Over the years. Yoga practitioners have reported lower levels of stress and enhanced feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

There are many types of yoga, but the most popular are Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa yoga.

Each yoga pose (asana) is held for a period of time and is associated with breathing. Sessions usually start in a calm position and progress towards a more lively and rewarding position as you gain flexibility. If you’re thinking of taking a yoga class in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, visit Align to experience physical and mental exercises that are not only physical but also mental.


The important thing to do is to observe yourself and your behavior. Don’t judge yourself, and strive for things you really need. Try to connect with the “real you” and start loving who you are, in all forms.