The pandemic has changed our way of living. Now, people tend to spend more time on their own instead of going outside and hanging out. They prefer to live in their rooms with blankets and mobiles on, specifically in winters.

Locking up yourself in a room is destructive for mental health. Our mind is designed to absorb and learn new things to grow. It adores varieties and change, not to be confined in a place. Doing so makes it numb and dumb, leading to unresponsiveness like depression, sluggish behavior, negative thoughts, anxiety, frustration, etc.

But don’t worry! This blog will discuss how you can enjoy your winters to heal your mental health while living in Khobar.

Family Trip to the desert

Saudi Arabia is a land of deserts. In summers, it is horrible to visit deserts in the scorching heat. Then why not head in winters? Yes, winter is the best weather for a trip to the desert with family. If sweeping lands of deserts with no boundary push you to go there, do not miss this chance in winters. Pack up some edibles, yoga mat, and get ready to go with an endearing outfit. 

Some agencies also take a trip to Shariqiah deserts. You can also hire them or go on your own. Al-Khobar safari is one of the rousing deserts to visit. An agency, “Palms Land Tours,” books your trip and grabs you with them by providing luxury facilities of eatables and transport facility. In Khobar safari, you can do:

  • Off-road activities
  • Air Guns Shooting
  • Sand Boarding
  • Henna tattoos for Ladies
  • Riding Horse and heavy cars/jeeps

Enjoying all these activities with your family will be a great relief for your physical and mental health. 

Exercise and Yoga

Living an dull life is the worst thing you could do to yourself. If you are the one who is struggling with this tricky life, you must change your routine and habits. Always remember:

 “Positivity is like a muscle: keep exercising it, and it becomes a habit”

Natalie Massenet

Thus, start practicing yoga and exercise in your daily life. Some of you may think it bland to do yoga at a similar place, and so forth. But hold on! Who is asking you to do yoga in the same spot every day?

Get out of your place, exercise, and do yoga in the open air. Go jogging in nearby parks.

Golden Belt Walk, Al-Khobar Corniche, and Dhahran Hills Park in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, are all-in-one places where you can get benefitted from every haunt. You can also plan a family and friends’ picnic here and do all the enjoyment without any trouble. The fleshy green grass and succulent palm trees soothe your eyes and mind. It also urges you to ponder about nature more and more, which dive you deep into God’s creation.

Outdoor yoga

Reading Books

Have you ever listened to the saying?

“Books let you travel without moving your feet.”

Jhumpa Lahiri

If yes, then you must be a book lover. Despite not being a book lover, it is still mesmerizing to read a book in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere with birds chirping, air whispering in your ears, and winters’ sunlight tickling your soul and body.

This sensation is unforgettable and cannot be described until you feel it.

So, taking a sunbath on a beach with your favorite book will never make your mind and body tedious. It will be wholesome food for your mental health, helping it to unwind the beauty of your surroundings. In Khobar, Saudi Arabia, one of the most famous and finest beaches where you can relish your winters is “Half Moon Beach.”  The background of this beach will make you feel like a new person. Seize your couch, start book reading, and appreciate the beauty of nature!

P.S: You can also do some yoga and stretching on a beach. It will be invigorating.


A cool wintery breeze can cause cramping and tightening of muscles. This troublesome can be healed through playing sports as it relaxes the muscles and prevents weakening of bones and potencies. Movement empowers a positive impact on the mind. Playing sports offers you an opportunity to be present and in the zone. Choose what speaks to you; from Tennis, Paddle, Basketball, or Calisthenics. Golf World in Khobar is a delightful place to play golf.


I bet you, doing all the activities mentioned above will not let you brooked up. These will relish and rejuvenate you and give serenity to your soul and mind alleviating your mental health. By hitting the roads, you will feel the new journey of your life and think progressively to enjoy life to its fullest. Follow these workouts for once; you would get addicted to enjoying yourself every year with new hope and courage. In Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of zones to explore. Exploring is a never-ending process. Get up and know yourself, what you want to do, and start digging your likings but do not forget yoga and exercise in your recurring!