Yoga Essentials

Are you looking to take your yoga poses to the next level? Need deeper rejuvenation and relaxation? Consider yoga props. These essential tools can help you deepen your poses and achieve proper alignment. Plus, any yogi can use them, no matter their experience level.

So, if you’re looking for the right yoga props to help you achieve a deeper sense of stability, this blog has you covered. We’ll go over three basic yoga props and how you can easily incorporate them into your practice.

Yoga Block

One of the most popular props to use is the yoga block. A yoga brick or block is a smooth, rectangular-shaped block of wood, foam rubber or cork.

You can use a yoga block for the extension of your arms or to support your back, head, and hips. This helps to provide more comfort while practicing and improving the alignment of your body. These benefits are what make yoga blocks for anyone and everyone at any age, and any level of yoga.

Other benefits of yoga blocks include:

  • Help prevent injury. Yoga blocks are one of the best tools for preventing injury during yoga practice. It does this by reducing overreaching and strain, building strength, increasing flexibility, and improving balance.
  • Bring the ground closer. For some poses, you may not be able to reach the floor. You can use a yoga block to create length and bring the ground closer to you. This can help you experience the full benefit of the pose without straining your body.
  • Help you relax into poses. With increased comfort in your hips, back, and arms, you’re better able to experience the full potential of your poses.

Align’s yoga blocks come in both foam rubber and cork, providing you with the security and support you need for your poses.

Foam Yoga Block

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats yogis use to prevent their hands and feet from slipping during practice. Their non-slip and cushioned surface make it easier to perform yoga asanas safely and comfortably.

Beyond the comfort they provide, yoga mats serve as a private personal space, allowing you to stretch your worries and tension away. Your yoga mat gives you enough room to practice your movements safely, while at the same time creating a private space—a space that others can’t enter.

Our yoga mats are roomy, perfectly cushioned for joint support, and non-toxic. Plus, they come with a yoga bag. Shop our yoga mats.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Strap

If you’re looking to achieve wide range of motion with stretching, increase flexibility, and decrease tension, then the yoga strap is the perfect prop. And there are countless ways to use the strap to your advantage. For example, in seated poses, you can use a yoga strap around your feet to hold poses.

In standing poses, you can loop the strap around your foot to increase flexibility and balance, without losing your form. When in a difficult pose, stretching your limbs to their limits, a yoga strap can help you relax for a deeper, more effective, stretch.

With the Align Yoga Strap, you can get deeper into your practice. Enjoy increase flexibility, deeper stretches, and more restorative poses.

Yoga Strap

Transform Your Poses

Whether for the studio, gym, or home, yoga props have the power to truly transform your experience. Align has all the yoga props you need to enhance your yoga practice. Shop our products today.

Or if you want to join a class, we can help with that too. Located in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, our studio helps women connect with their bodies and reach their full potential in a tranquil and peaceful environment. Book your slot now.